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TurboTax Login

TurboTax offers reliable and hasslefree solutions for computing and filing taxes for American taxpayers. In other words, it is a leading tax preparation software package that simplifies the lengthy and complicated procedures. Users can exploit all its features and functions by simply creating a TurboTax Login account as explained below.

Account Creation For TurboTax Login

  1. First and foremost, you should open an Internet Browser on your computer. For this, you should click on the browser icon located at the bottom left-hand side of the monitor’s screen. Here, you may have Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari etc.
  2. Now, go to its official website for TurboTax Sign in. For this, type in “” in the browser’s address bar. Then, press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.
  3. As a result, it will take you to the required webpage. Here, you should click on the “Sign In” tab. You will find it at the top right-hand corner of this window.
  4. This will redirect you to the “Account Login” window. Now, look at the very bottom of this window for “Create An Account”. Then, click on it to open the “Account Creation” window.
  5. The following window requires you to fill in the empty fields with relevant “Profile Information”. Hence, provide the details accurately as explained below.
    1. Email Address: Enter an active email address that you want to associate with this account. Here, you must ensure that it should be your primary email address that you use for your financial dealings. This is because TurboTax will ask you to verify this address before filling your taxes.
    2. Confirm Email Address: Now, re-enter the same email address as provided above to confirm it.
    3. User ID: Provide a unique User ID that you would like to create for this account. This is required to identify your account and keep it safe. 
    4. Phone Number: Type in a valid mobile number. Although, it is optional information. However, it is suggested to add it as it will keep your account safe.
    5. Password: Enter a strong and unique password that you want to set for this account. Here, you should stick to the following guidelines.
  • Use 8 or more characters.
  • Use both upper and lower case letters. 
  • Include a number.
  • Add a symbol as well.
    1. Confirm Password: Re-enter the same password as provided above to confirm it.
  1. This window also provides the links for “TurboTax Terms of Service”, “Turbo Terms of Use” and “Privacy Statement”. Hence, click on these links one by one to open the documents respectively. Then, carefully review all of them. Thereafter, close down the window to proceed with TurboTax Login. 
  2. Finally, click on the “Create Account” button for creating the TurboTax Login account.
  3. Consequently, it will send you a “Verification Email” at your registered Email Address. Hence, access the “Inbox” of your email account. 
  4. Here, you should look for the email received from TurboTax Login. Then, open the same. 
  5. Now, click on the “Verify My Email” button to conclude the TurboTax Login Account Creation process.

Access TurboTax Account

  1. First of all, open a Web Browser on your computer.
  2.  Then, go to “” for TurboTax Login.
  3. Now, click on “Sign In” located at the top right-hand corner of this window.
  4. As a result, it will redirect you to the “TurboTax Login” window. Here, you should type in your registered “Email Address” or “User ID” in the respective field. 
  5. Subsequently, enter the corresponding “Password” correctly. Here, you must ensure to type in the password accurately. This is because passwords are case-sensitive. However, if you don’t remember your password. Then, click on “I forgot my user ID or password” link and reset the same. 
  6. Along with that, you can save your login credentials by selecting the “Remember me” box. 
  7. Finally, click on “Sign In” to access your TurboTax Login account.